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The classic Greek ‘tolma’ means courage. In the present context, ‘tolma’ refers to the courage to overcome the fear of acknowledging problems and considering changes.


Tolma was founded by system designer Arnold Bomans. “In September 2020 I quit my job as a system developer to fully concentrate on averting the worst of the biophysical collapse which is now unfolding. I am with the Dutch Footprint Working Group (at you can find some of my reports) and with Extinction Rebellion, concentrating on citizens' assemblies. Also, I used my background in mathematical policy modelling to design a nonmonetary economy ("


Eὔτολμος εἶναι κρῖνε, τολμηρὸς δὲ μή

Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado.  


--- Menander, Monosticha, 153, cited and translated in: Harbottle, Th. B. (1906) Dictionary of Quotations (Classical) 2nd ed. London: Allen & Unwin (previously London: Sonnenschein and New York: MacMillan) p.379.

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